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Frame Only &
Multi Lite

Available for all door styles
(except for some mitered door styles)  Mullions will be placed to divide the door into equal openings unless otherwise stated.  The width and style of the mullion varies with the door style chosen. The doors are made to accept 1 pane of glass.

A unique RP10 door with 85 mm rails and stiles, complete with special
raised panel, inside rail and outside edge profiles.  Min. door width - 10 1/2"  This door style can be varied with any of these options: Mitered corners Applied moldings 1/4" flat center panels


Double and Multi
Panel Doors

Available for Shaker,
Flat panel and Raised panel door styles. Middle
rails/stiles are made the
same width as the outside
frame, unless otherwise
specified.  Any door
whose height is or exceeds 44" is automatically produced
with two panels.  (division
is into equally-sized panels
unless otherwise stated) 
If a single panel is required, we can usually
accommodate this - see
our warranty page.
Wainscot door panels can
 be manufactured as well,
with some limitations. 
Please fax us your


Curved Moon doors
Matching left and right frame doors with or without mullions  The number and the spacing of the mullions are determined by us to suit the door size.

A mitered door with a louvered panel (non-opening).  A cross-section of this is shown below.

1/2 Design Doors
Matching left and right design doors that are modeled after the Flat panel and Raised panel doors of similar design. [eg. 1/2 RP20 at the left]  [Note - the 1/2 design becomes less pronounced as the door gets wider]

Rope Design

Similar to our FP10/RP10 style doors, this door has a 2 3/4" wide frame, and 1/4" flat or raised center panel.  Any outside profile is available and the rope moulding detail is not necessarily as shown. Please check with our office for pricing and delivery.  Delivery times are not guaranteed.
Slab - 5/4
An alternative 1pc slab
drawer front, 1" in
thickness, with a choice of
edge profiles comparable
to our edge #3 or #6 as

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